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The Partnership Marketing Company handles the transfer paperwork of most partnerships, REITs and other alternative securities, both public and private, while registered representatives licensed with D-Merc Services LLC handle all aspects of the secondary sale. The registered representatives with D-Merc Services LLC have been involved in trading and transferring of these non traded issues for the secondary market since 1986.

Because we are not an auction platform, buyers and sellers can set their own pricing on their alternative assets. There are risks involved with buying or selling on the secondary market. If you sell your asset, the asset could have a higher return if held until termination. If you buy an alternative security, you may lose some or all your investment.

Our specific focus is on individualized services, giving broker/dealers and their registered representatives, fiduciaries and trust companies personalized service throughout the entire sale and transfer of ownership process.

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The content contained within this website does not constitute an offer and/or sale of securities.
Securities offered through D-Merc Services LLC. Member FINRA./SIPC.
D-Merc Securities LLC and the Partnership Marketing Co. are unaffiliated Entities.

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