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You might sell your holdings

  • because your investment objectives have changed
  • to eliminate the cost of splitting the asset due to a divorce or death
  • to create cash for other investments

Selling your security could
  • eliminate K-1 filing in future years
  • create a taxable loss, saving money in taxes owed
  • generate cash for other uses
  • reduce or eliminate retirement fees
  • in some cases, eliminate additional state income tax filing

QIf I buy an alternative security, what are the risks?
A There can be many risks associated with alternative investments and those risks can vary depending on the security you are purchasing. Neither Partnership Marketing company nor D-Merc Services LLC make any recommendations. You agree to do your own due diligence. You could lose your investment and there could be no secondary market for that security should you choose to sell it at a future date.

We encourage you to discuss your decisions with your securities professional.

QHow does the sales process work?
AOur sales process is described in our seller's transfer process and buyer's transfer process. Rest assured that all transfer paperwork is handled quickly and efficiently and monies are held in a qualified escrow bank.

QIs your Broker/dealer registered?
AYes, the trading personnel are registered representatives with D-Merc Services LLC.

QHow long will the sale and transfer take?
AAbout four to six weeks depending on the issuer. Transfer documents are mailed to the issuer or transfer agent as soon as they are received from both the seller and the buyer. The issuer can take about two weeks to process the paperwork.

QWhen do I get paid?
AAs soon as the issuer approves the transfer, instructions are issued by D-Merc Services LLC to the escrow bank and checks are mailed to the purchaser of an alternative security.

QDo you hold the buyer's money in your account?
ANo. All funds are deposited in an escrow account with Gold Star Trust Co.

QIs there special handling required for an IRA or pension plan?
AYes, an IRA or other retirement account requires specialized forms individual to each custodian. Be sure to inform your registered representative of the exact name of the trust company you use.

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