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Sell your REIT, limited partnerships, REITS and other non-traded securities through licensed brokers registered with D-Merc Services LLC. Our brokers have created a niché in the securities industry, providing investors real time bids without waiting for multiple auction deadlines.
D-Merc Services LLC acts as a broker obtaining bids from buyers for sellers of limited partnerships and non-traded REITs.
You can reach the SEC's on-line database, Edgar. The SEC filing system provides the most currently filed 10K, 10Q and 8K reports for your partnerships.
D-Merc Services LLC, provides sales and transfer processing utilizing the escrow services of Gold Star Bank.
There are risks involved with both retaining your alternative security as well as selling the security. The asset could pay out more than the sales price you had kept the asset for the duration of the alternative security's lifespan. Always discuss the decisions with your securities professional.
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The content contained within this website does not constitute an offer and/or sale of securities.
Securities offered through D-Merc Services LLC. Member FINRA./SIPC.
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